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Biodiesel Producer Offering Branded Distributor Program

Jan 12, 2017
Invests in Terminal for Bioheat® Blending


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Erie, PA based biodiesel producer HERO BX today announced a new business enterprise, The HERO BX Branded Bioheat® Program. The program offers heating oil retailers the opportunity to carry the HERO BX brand and supporting technical and marketing benefits in exchange for Bioheat®  supply contracts. HERO BX manufactures 60 million gallons of biodiesel annually from its plants in Erie, PA and Moundville, AL. HERO BX signed its first Bioheat®  branded dealer this week—Dover, New Hampshire headquartered DF Richard Energy.  

In conjunction with the new branded dealer program, HERO BX has leased a 5,000-barrel storage facility in North Hampton, NH that will help jumpstart the program. HERO BX invested in the infrastructure that allows for biodiesel/heating oil rack blends from B2 through B80, allowing branded retail dealers an automated solution for Bioheat®  supply and distribution. The company is seeking similar northeast US terminals that will help support the programs growth. 

Since 1932, D. F. Richard saw the need to help the community thrive. For decades, they have been a standard for service, quality, and excellence for the delivery of state of art Heating Oil. It is their mission to solely focus on exceptional customer service and always thinking far ahead into the future to address any community need. D. F. Richard has been committed to the values of sustainability, technology, and how it can best serve their customers. Today, their outstanding service will further increase their promise of quality and sustainability with the partnership of HERO BX and the introduction of Bioheat®. Bioheat® is a blend of biodiesel and heating oil, that results in a better fuel for the home and the environment.

D.F. Richard CEO Rick Card stated:
For over 80 years, DF Richard Energy has been introducing new and emerging energy products to our customers.  It makes sense to follow company tradition by offering the latest in home heating oil. Bioheat®. We are excited to be the very first authorized distributor for HERO BX. We share their passion for delivering quality and love that their products are renewable, environmentally friendly, and made in America.

HERO BX was founded under the premise of sustainability, technological innovation, obsession with quality, and fuel for humanity©. HERO BX is the largest biodiesel manufacturer in the eastern United States, with the capacity to produce 60 million of gallons of biodiesel annually from their plants in Erie, PA and Moundville, AL. Biodiesel is the process of recycling used vegetable oil, animal oil/fats, tallow and waste cooking oil and turning them into fuel. It is as simple as adding the fuel into your current diesel engine or heating oil; no upgrades or changes are needed. “It is better for the environment because it is made from renewable resources and has lower emissions compared to petroleum diesel. It is less toxic than table salt and biodegrades as fast as sugar” (source National Biodiesel Board). 

HERO BX’s intent is to provide the safest, cleanest, and the highest quality biodiesel to the country. With this remarkable opportunity, HERO BX will now join forces with D.F. Richard to deliver to the residents of the counties of Rockingham, Strafford, and York an improved and sustainable Heating Oil (Bioheat®). Not only does this partnership adhere to the value of sustainability of both HERO BX and D. F. Richard, but it will also improve the quality of the environment and life for residents of the Seacoast. To learn more about the benefits of Bioheat® log onto www.myBioheat®.com

Tim Keaveney Vice President of Sales for HERO BX stated:
HERO BX is thrilled to bring Bioheat® to residents and businesses in New Hampshire and Southern Maine… and to do it alongside community leading business partner DF Richard Energy is a recipe for success. As a Portsmouth, NH resident, I’m happy knowing that my family and the community can keep warm with environmentally friendly, American made Bioheat®.
Our North Hampton facility is the first of its kind in New Hampshire. It will enable fuel oil dealers to procure biodiesel efficiently, enabling citizens of the region to use clean renewable fuel to heat their homes and fuel their diesel-powered vehicles.  This facility can make customized Bioheat® and biodiesel blends from B2 to B80. The North Hampton fa cility makes procuring biodiesel for the fuel oil distributor as easy as driving in, carding on, and choosing to bottom or top load their truck...it is the first like it in New Hampshire. Our goal is to begin with New Hampshire and bring this business model to fuel oil distributors nationwide.

For immediate Media Inquiries regarding this partnership, please contact Tim Keaveney per the information provided below. For any customer service related questions regarding Bioheat®, please contact D. F. Richard at the information submitted below.

To learn more about the benefits of Bioheat® log onto www.mybioheat.com

Media Inquiries:

Tim Keaveney • Vice President of Sales • HERO BX Call: 814-490-8897 Email: TKeaveney@HeroBx.com Customer Service Questions about D.F.

Richard: Richard P. Card • CEO • D.F. Richard Energy Call: 603.516.6555 Email: Rick@DFRichard.com