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Aug 03, 2017
Ample Rendering Feedstock Supplies Seen in Future, Cleaner Air, More Jobs


Dr. Jessica Meisinger
Director of Education & Communications, NRA jmeisinger@nationalrenderers.com
(703) 683-2914 
Washington, D.C. – The rendering industry is ready to supply increased volumes of feedstocks for biodiesel production if the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) increases its Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) volumes in 2018 and 2019, said Doug Smith of Baker Commodities in testimony at the agency’s public hearing August 1 in Washington, D.C.

Higher RFS volumes beyond EPA’s proposal will further increase U.S. biodiesel production, Smith explained.  “A stronger RFS will grow jobs, clean our air by reducing emissions, and promote domestic energy production.”  
The biodiesel industry currently uses 32 percent of the billions of gallons of rendered animal fats and used cooking oil produced each year in the U.S.  Rendering is a green industry that sustainably upcycles used cooking oil, animal fats, yellow grease, and brown grease into feedstocks for biodiesel and renewable diesel.   
Smith testified on behalf of the National Renderers Association, the California Biodiesel Alliance, and Baker Commodities of Vernon, California. 
For consumers, substitution of biodiesel and biodiesel blends is the easiest way to achieve immediate reductions in diesel emissions.  In addition, biodiesel consumers and blend users save money, making biodiesel a cost-effective, renewable alternative fuel,” Smith explained. 
EPA has greatly underestimated the potential of the biodiesel industry to increase production given current and projected capacity, said Smith. He urged EPA to set the RFS for advanced biofuels in 2018 at a minimum of 5.25 billion gallons, an increase from the 4.24 billion gallons proposed by the agency.  The 2019 RFS for biomass-based diesel should be at least 2.75 billion gallons, Smith recommended, above the 2.1 billion gallons advocated by EPA. 
About 3,200 new jobs are created for every 100 million additional gallons of biodiesel production.  The rendering industry also provides thousands of full-time jobs across the country in rural and urban communities.   

 Increases in RFS volumes will encourage the confidence to invest which creates jobs here at home and contributes to overall U.S. economic growth.   Higher RFS volumes will also continue to stimulate important new innovation in feedstock development.  If higher RFS volumes are not adopted by the EPA, the relatively young biodiesel industry may stagnate, harming consumers, the environment, and jobs. 
About the National Renderers Association  The National Renderers Association (NRA) represents the interests of the North American rendering industry to regulatory and other governmental agencies, promotes the greater use of animal byproducts, and fosters the opening and expansion of trade between foreign buyers and North American exporters. NRA publishes a bi-monthly trade magazine, Render.  
About the California Biodiesel Alliance The California Biodiesel Alliance (CBA) is California's not-for-profit biodiesel industry trade association, representing a broad range of stakeholders, including all of the state's major biodiesel producers. CBA endeavors to increase awareness about biodiesel as California's leading and widely available advanced biofuel that delivers significant economic, environmental, and energy diversity benefits throughout the state. Since 2006, CBA has worked both in-state and at the national level to address regulatory, policy, and legislative issues to enable a growing market for biodiesel in California.  
About Baker Commodities Baker Commodities Inc., a family-owned is celebrating its 80th Anniversary in business this year.  They are one of the nation’s leading providers of rendering and grease removal services since 1937.  Baker is also a biodiesel producer.  A completely sustainable company, Baker recycles meat trimmings and used cooking oil into valuable products that can be used to feed livestock, power vehicles, and act as a base for everyday items.  Baker is family-owned and operated and their commitment to “Quality and Pride…Worldwide” ensures that customers receive the highest quality of finished products and services possible.