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Targray Launches Turnkey Biodiesel Solution for C-Stores and Fuel Retailers

Aug 16, 2017
Company will present its biodiesel programs at 2017 NACS Show

Biofuels Marketer Targray has announced the nation-wide launch of its turnkey biodiesel solution for the American convenience and fuel retailing segment. The announcement comes as increasing freight movement in the U.S is spurring diesel demand throughout the country.

Created following a 2-year pilot program and multiple rounds of customer consultations, Targray's innovative 24/7 biodiesel solution for the convenience store segment provides a simplified approach to biofuel procurement that likens itself to purchasing standard diesel. It enables both chains and independently-owned c-stores and fuel retailers to achieve a positive return on investment from their very first Biodiesel order. Typical savings range anywhere from 3c to 10c per gallon of diesel sold, depending on regional market conditions and federal & state program eligibility.

Biodiesel Programs at the 2017 NACS Show

Targray trader & analyst Zackary Rocha will be in Chicago, Illinois from October 17-20 to attend the 2017 NACS Show. A long-time participant in the North American Biodiesel Trade, Rocha will be on hand to introduce Targray’s regional Biodiesel programs to NACS members and to meet with existing customers. To book a meeting ahead of the event, contact the Biofuels Division.

About Targray

Targray is a multinational commodities company that develops commercial solutions for 4 major industries: Energy Storage, Photovoltaics, Biofuels, and Optical Media. Established in 2012, the company’s Biofuels Division has grown to become one of North America's leading suppliers of biodiesel. It operates one of the industry's largest dedicated rail fleets and over 40 supply terminal tanks from coast to coast.

Targray is a sitting member of the National Biodiesel Board and a proud supporter of over a dozen other industry associations, including NACS. Learn more at Targray.com/biofuels.

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