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The National Biodiesel Board (NBB) represents its members and the biodiesel industry on important regulatory and legislative issues at both the federal and state levels.

Find more information about federal policies that support the growth of biodiesel and renewable diesel through the links below. Connect with elected officials through NBB's Fueling Action Center.

Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS)
NBB supports the federal Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS), which requires transportation fuel sold in the United States to include annually set volumes of renewable fuels.

Biodiesel Tax Incentive
NBB advocates for a federal tax credit that incentivizes fuel blenders to include biodiesel and renewable diesel in the U.S. transportation fuel market.

Biodiesel Fair Trade
NBB’s Fair Trade Coalition supports free and fair trade and continues to fight unfair trade practices in the biodiesel market.

RFS Small Refiner Exemptions
NBB opposes retroactive exemptions, which reduce RFS biomass-based diesel volumes by hundreds of millions of gallons. 

Farm Bill
Several USDA programs help build markets for advanced biofuels like biodiesel through education and producer support payments.

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