Biodiesel FAQ's

Biodiesel FAQ's

  • What is Biodiesel?

  • Is Biodiesel the same thing as raw vegetable oil?

  • Is it approved for use in the US?

  • What is the Renewable Fuels Standard (RFS-2)and why is it important for biodiesel?

  • What makes biodiesel America’s Advanced biofuel?

  • Is biodiesel used as a pure fuel or is it blended with petroleum diesel?

  • How much biodiesel has been produced in the US?

  • Who can answer my questions about biodiesel?

  • How do biodiesel emissions compare to petroleum diesel?

  • Do I need special storage facilities?

  • Does biodiesel cost more than other alternative fuels?

  • Can I use biodiesel in my existing diesel engine?

  • Where can I purchase biodiesel?

  • Can biodiesel help mitigate “global warming”?


More questions about biodiesel?  You can always Ask BEN.

Through an alliance with the National Biodiesel Board and the Petroleum Marketers Association of America, Ben is available to answer your biodiesel-specific questions!